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Surface (Tile and Stone) companies may not realize that their activities related to the design and development of many types of systems may constitute qualified R&D activities, potentially entitling them to significant R&D incentives. If you think you have to be a manufacturer or software developer to be conducting qualified activities as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, think again. If your firm is in the surface or contracting industry, there is a strong chance that you could benefit from an R&D Tax Credit Study. Let incentAdvise experts help you claim the credits that you deserve!

Examples of activities and innovations eligible for R&D tax incentives include the following:

  • Developing an innovative product that is new to the market

  • Engineering and designing a new product

  • Conducting research aimed at discovering new knowledge

  • Searching for ways to apply new research findings

  • Designing product alternatives

  • Evaluating product alternatives

  • Introducing significant modifications to the concept or design of a product

  • Designing, constructing, and testing preproduction prototypes and models

  • Engineering activity to advance the product’s design to the point of manufacture

  • Utilizing systems processing modeling

  • Conducting system and functional requirements analysis

  • Utilizing integration analysis

  • Experimenting with new technologies

  • Experimenting with new material and integrating the material to improve manufactured products

  • Engineering to evaluate new or improved specification/modifications in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and durability

  • Developing new production processes during prototyping and preproduction phases

  • Conducting research aimed to significantly cut a product’s time-to-market

  • Conducting research aimed to obtain more efficient designs

  • Developing and modifying research methods / formulations / products

  • Paying outside consultants / contractors to do any of the above activities

incentAdvise surface Specialization Team-


In order to better serve Surface Industry and contracting companies, incentAdvise has developed an Industry Specialization Program that focuses on the qualification and quantification of R&D tax benefits for companies operating in the Surface industry. IncentAdvise Engineering and Surface Specialization Group employs individuals who have educational backgrounds and practical experience within the disciplines of civil engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. incentAdvise has qualified and quantified credits for firms ranging from small, startup firms to large, multi-national corporations.

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