R&D Tax Credit | FAQs

1. Why does the government offer the R&D Tax Credit?

The intent of the credit is to encourage companies within the U.S. to keep technical talent within the country while simultaneously continuing to drive innovation. This keeps not only your company, but the country, competitive both domestically and internationally.

2. I have a CPA, why haven’t I heard of this?

Typically, most CPAs don’t specialize in these types of incentives and credits. They tend to focus primarily on preparing Financials and Tax Returns and often hire third party companies for the credits. Most of our referral partners actually are CPA firms who seek us out to provide R&D credits to their clients.

3. This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Nope, not at all! Fortune 500 companies have been taking advantage of the credit for decades. With the recent changes, more small to mid-sized businesses are able to easily claim the credit.

4. Is this worth my time?

Absolutely. Since the changes in legislation and tax reform, the R&D Tax Credit remains one of the most valuable incentives offered by the U.S. government for businesses to remain competitive. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, there are major benefits to a company and its owners.

Imagine having even just an additional $5,000 in your checking out. What could that do for you and your family?

5. Why should I work with incentAdvise?

We believe that business owners deserve to save on their taxes so that they can put that money back in their business or family. Our company mission is to find that money for every business we touch.

Our Brand Promise: We are a results driven company. For qualified businesses, our brand promise is that incentAdvise will find money for you and you don't have to pay us until we do.

6. How do I get in contact with your firm?

We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us easily HERE.


Check out our next post to help you determine if your company qualifies for the R&D Tax Credit.

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